Units, Clubs, Caravans Association

The U.C.C. helps to coordinate activities between the various organizations, Divan and the Potentate and strives to promote and improve communication within Syria Shrine.

The Syria Shrine Units Association was organized in 1989 by Illustrious Sirs William D. Bessor P.P.

In 2003, when Illustrious Sir David J. Gardy was Potentate, the Association was reorganized again to include all Units, Clubs and Caravans and in 2017 was renamed Units, Clubs and Caravans Association.

*New in 2023! To enhance participation and make it easy for many members to participate, the U.C.C. will meet virtually.

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The membership of the U.C.C. is made up of elected or appointed representatives from each of the Units, Clubs and Caravans in Syria. The Parade Marshall attends all meetings to update all organizations on any changes in routes and answers any questions that arise prior to parades as well as makes the organizations aware of any new parade requests that come into the Shrine.

The Divan and Potentate attend all meetings as well to discuss upcoming events and any concerns that the nobles of Syria might have.

For more information about the U.C.C. Association come to one of our meetings all nobles are welcome to attend.