Syria Patrol

Oldest and certainly one of the proudest of all Syria Temple units is the Syria (Arab) Patrol.

The Patrol was formed in 1893, only one year after the first unit of its kind appeared at Zuhra Temple in Minneapolis.

Arab Patrol stands as almost the essence of the ceremonial side of the Shrine. It has retained the honor of serving as the Temple's official color guard throughout Temple history.

A study of Arab Patrol history is a study of Temple history. The Patrol serve d as honor guard at the cornerstone laying ceremony for the Mosque on June 19, 1915, and on the gala occasion of the official flag-raising ceremony October 23, 1916. On November 1, 1919, it took part in ceremonies for the unveiling of the sphinxes at the entrance of the Mosque.

For many years when there were few Units, Committees, and Caravans, the Arab Patrol, as right hand of the Potentate, conducted most Shrine activities such as parades, picnics, entertainment, ceremonials, and parties. As a Unit, the Patrol was generally in charge of Syria's participation in Imperial Council Sessions and Syria Trips. As the Temple grew and units and committees were added, the Patrol duties were shared with the newer organizations.

The Arab Patrol has continued to support and further Syria Temple by its industrious participation in all Shrine functions and its leadership in securing novices for the ceremonial classes of the Temple.