Knights of Mecca

Knights Of Mecca, Past
Masters’ Club

Founded in the late 1990s, the purposes unique to this temple club are to establish a link between Syria Shrine and the Blue Lodges within its jurisdiction and to represent Shriners to the Blue Lodges.

The Knights Of Mecca is the Past Masters' unit in the Shrine. 

Not every Shrine has one of these... one of various ways that Syria Shrine is outstanding!

knights of mecca past masters

The Unit shall actively assist Blue Lodges with their work and with masonic funerals when called upon. The Unit shall at all times assist the Potentate of Syria Shrine when called upon to do so, and otherwise engage in activities appropriate to the stated purposes of the Unit.

The Knights of Mecca meet at 6:30pm before each Syria Shrine quarterly (first Monday in January, April, August & October)

Knights of Mecca maintain a presence at the Potentate’s Stag, the Sportsmen’s Bash, and other events as logistics and volunteerism permit.

All members must be members in good standing in Syria Shriners, and must have served as a Master of their respective Blue Lodge.

For prospective members and those seeking more information on the Knights of Mecca, 
please contact:

Austin Shifrin
Secretary / Treasurer: 
m. 412-496-8767