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*Effective March 21, 2022: The Voice will be reduced from 6 issues per year to 4.

April 2022 - Special Note about the Voice of Syria:

Hello Nobles & Friends - We have an important update for you concerning a change to the Voice of Syria.

Our Illustrious Potentate has decided to reduce the number of issues of the Voice from Bi-Monthly to Quarterly. A drastic rise in the cost of paper leading to an increase in our costs to produce these issues is what influenced the decision.

Henceforth, our 4 issues annually will now cover these time periods below. 

  1. Jan-Feb-Mar.
  2. Apr-May-June
  3. July-Aug-Sept.
  4. Oct-Nov-Dec.

*Contributors to the Voice must now be mindful to report and submit news, announcements and flyers much farther in advance than you have been used to in the past.

View deadlines and submit your content by clicking this link below:


Thank you for understanding as we work to adapt and navigate the challenges that modern times present to us.

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Deadlines for 2022:

> July/Aug/Sept Issue - May 27th

> Oct/Nov/Dec Issue - Sept. 2nd

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