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Even though it’s just old fashioned paper...

The Voice offers us an amazing opportunity to get creative, inform, entertain and educate our readers. Any of these ideas below ought to inspire many great articles from every one of our Units, Clubs and Caravans! Try one for our next issue:

  • Business changes that impact members of your Unit, Club or Caravan
  • Highlight something newsworthy, an anniversary or a milestone
  • Recent award nominations or wins
  • A list of open positions for appointment
  • Behind-the-scenes look at your Unit, Club or Caravan
  • Message from the leadership
  • Unit, Club or Caravan how-to, each is unique
  • A top ten list – thousands of ideas
  • Run a survey or a poll of attitudes and opinions to guide future improvements
  • Quotes—motivational or just plain funny (if appropriate)
  • Announce the debut a social media channel, or revive an existing one
  • Spotlight an influential member, tell their story to the Oasis
  • A “Dear Abby” type advice column
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers
  • Highlight any community service initiatives
  • Do a Q&A with a Shriner, or a patient, or a doctor
  • Run a small contest, do a giveaway of something of modest value
  • Write or share a guide on something
  • Write a ‘day in the life’ article of someone connected to the Nobility
  • Interview someone in your Unit Club or Caravan
  • Intrigue! Open a mystery in this issue’s article and solve it next issue
  • Run a quiz this issue, give the answers in the next issue
  • Submit a blast from the past photo with a description
  • Write a history of your Unit Club or Caravan, they all have one
  • Give tips and hints to help new Shriners and Masons succeed
  • Create a list of valuable resources that you curate and share
  • Create a checklist or template for something useful
  • Create a beginner’s guide to something interesting
  • Pick a pressing issue ask ten "experts" to give one piece of advice about it
  • Write a reflection piece on how things have changed in the past 5 or 10 years
  • Share a book report of an applicable piece of writing.
  • Let people know about your partnerships and highlight the benefits
  • Explore a challenge your Unit, Club or Caravan had, explain how you solved it
  • Share any recent media coverage
  • Ask a member to share their favorite feature of your Unit, Club or Caravan and why they love it
  • Invite members (not just leadership) of your Unit, Club or Caravan to contribute articles
  • Introduce or re-introduce an existing member our audience should know (or know better)
  • Give a shout out to a Unit, Club or Caravan that you aren't in to recognize their good works
  • Describe an initiative that was successful or had a positive impact
  • Everybody loves to hear a yarn, tell us a good story from the past

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