Syria Shriners Events Calendar

The Syria Shriners hold events of all kinds each week. 

Our largest and most important fraternal events are down below.
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2022 Syria Shriners Events & Dates

January 8th Kick - Off Celebration
February 12th - Sweetheart Dance
March 12th - Potentate Stag
March 19th - Spring Night at the Races
April 7th-9th - Spring MASA Washington DC
April 9th - Children's Bunny Bash
April 21st - Spring Ceremonial
April 30th - Potentate Ball
May 11th-15th - Potentate Smoky Mountain Motorcoach Trip
May 21st - Wine Festival
May 22nd - Memorial Service
June 11th - Sportsmen's Bash
June 5th - Ladies Luncheon
July 2nd-7th - Imperial Session Minneapolis
July 18th - Syria Golf Outing
July 24th - Christmas in July Family Picnic
August 5th - Kennywood Family Day
August 14th - Aides and Ambassadors Picnic
September 7th-11th - Fall MASA Virginia Beach
September 18th - Oktoberfest
September 23rd October 1st - Potentate Rhine River Cruise Trip
October 1st-5th - Potentate Trip Extension Switzerland Tour
October 7th-9th - Fort Ligonier Days
October 9th - Supreme Queen Visit Daughters of the Nile
October 27th - Fall Ceremonial
November 12th - Fall Night at the Races
November 27th - Combined Prelude to Christmas Concert
December 4th - Children's Christmas Party
December 28th - Youth Dance
December 31st - New Year's Eve Party