Syria Shriners Events Calendar

The Syria Shriners hold events of all kinds each week. 

Our largest and most important fraternal events are down below.
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2024 Syria Shriners Events & Dates

Jan. 2 Annual Meeting
Jan. 13 Kick Off and Protocol Meeting
Jan. 16 Punta Cana Trip Presentation (7pm)
Feb. 10 Valentines Dance
Feb. 17 Glitz Anti-Valentine's Party
Feb. 22-26 Snowbird Pilgrimage
March 2 Potentate Stag
March 9 Night at the Races
March 10 D.O.N. Installation
March 23 Bunny Bash
April 11-14 Spring M.A.S.A.
April 27 Potentate Ball
May 16 Spring Ceremonial
May 18 Wine Fest
May 30 Thunder Thursdays Begins
June 1-2 Erie Hospital Days
June 6 Save the date (Pittsburgh proclaimed Syria Shrine Day)
June 13-16 Shrine Circus
June 29-July 4 Imperial Session, Reno
July 12 RV Club Picnic
July 13 Sportsman's Bash
Aug. 10 Friends and Family Picnic
Aug. 11 Aides / Ambassadors Picnic
Sept. 3-7 Fall M.A.S.A.
Sept. 19 Fall Ceremonial
Sept. 21 Oktoberfest
Oct. 11-13 Ft. Ligonier Days
Oct. 19 Special Event for All
Oct. 26- Nov. 2 Punta Cana Trip
Nov. 17 Prelude to Christmas
Nov. 23 Highlanders Ball
Dec. 8 Kids Christmas Party
Dec.14 Appreciation Dinner
Dec. 27 Youth Dance
Dec. 31 NYE Party
January 6, 2025 - Annual Meeting