Butler Luncheon Club

The purpose of the Butler Luncheon Club is to foster interest in Caravan 14
functions and Syria Shriner activities.

We do no fundraising ourselves, but we do help Caravan 14 with their projects. We also make contributions to Syria each year.

Chartered in 1961. Originally began when Butler Co. Judge Clyde S. Shoemaker (became Syria Potentate in 1963) and Noble C. Everette Spang met weekly for lunch to plan a parade in Butler for Ill. Sir Hiriam P. Ball. After the parade the group met and decided to apply for a charter from Syria.

Meets every Wednesday at 11:30 am at the American Legion Post 778 in Lyndora. The last Wednesday of each month is Ladies Day.

The last Wednesday meeting in June is an evening family picnic in conjunction with Caravan 14. We meet with Camp Cadet participants for lunch during their annual camp each August and make a contribution.

Prospective members must be in good standing with a Masonic Lodge, Syria, Caravan 14, and pay the Luncheon Club dues. Annual dues are currently $10.