Caravan 19 NACO


Northern Allegheny County Caravan 19 (NACO19) had a good year in 2022 in thanks to President Doug Jenny and his director staff. Once again NACO19 with Dave Locher as president will be busy and are looking forward to 2023 with the following schedule of events.

  • Spaghetti Stag will be held on May 17th, serving between 5:00pm-6:30pm
  • Roast Beef Stag will be held on June 7th
  • Chicken BBQ Stag will be held on July 26th
  • Ham & Corn Stag will be held on August 16th
  • Annual Pancake Breakfast will be held on October 7th.
Our event crew are always looking for volunteers to assist with setting up and help in the kitchen.
NACO 19 Stags are $15.00 for food and drink, the Pancake Breakfast is $10.00, and you will not go home hungry for sure.

All Shriners are welcome to NACO 19 stags. We welcome any fellow brother for fellowship, a good meal and good times. We just ask you to make a reservation by contacting the secretary, Todd Love at tllove(at)zoominternet.net.

Any Syria Shriner who would like to be a member, our dues are only 10.00 a year and the first year is free! Contact Todd Love at the email address above!