Provost Guard

The Provost Guard is responsible for security and safety at all Syria Shrine events.

Their distinctive blue blazers and striped slacks, as well as their Provost Guard fezzes identify the members. They can be seen at most Shrine events. The Unit is composed primarily of Police Officers, Firemen, EMTs, Security personnel, and all others interested in, and dedicated to, providing safety & security at the Shrine.

The Provost Guard was begun by Illustrious Sir Harry M. Montgomery, the Potentate in 1961 and officially founded on April 9, 1962, when Illustrious Sir Lester K. Bartlett, was Potentate. Membership is open to all Nobles who have an interest in providing security & safety throughout the Oasis of Syria. Provost Guard membership is drawn from the Oasis of Syria and currently stands at 39 active members.

The Provost Guard is governed by the bylaws and edicts of Syria Shrine, and by the Powers of Arrest within the Authority and Jurisdiction of Syria Shrine. They provide safety and security for all activities of Syria Shrine and at other entities when requested to do so by the Potentate. The Potentate may assign other specific duties to the Provost Guard as need arises.