Syria Road Runners Club

Shriner Roadrunner Club

Founded in 1994, the Shriner Roadrunner Club provides patient transportation to our hospitals.

A roster of 30 qualified drivers, all Nobles of The Syria Shrine, drive any of 2 transporter vans and 1 wheelchair van to transport patients and parents or guardians to and from Shriner’s Hospitals and ambulatory facilities.

Drivers meet every other month on the 3rd Monday, 10:00 A.M. in Syria meeting room.

Patient appointments are dispatched from Online Yahoo Calendar. Patient trip information is e-mailed and Printed by drivers. 2 Roadrunners assigned for every trip. Google maps, GPS, smart phones are used.

Drivers must be under the age of 80. Roadrunners over the age of 80 can be companions to Erie.
For Roadrunner membership complete the Roadrunner application for a vote on the next meeting.

Call the Syria Shrine office at 724-274-7000 and ask for:

Al Douglas – Chairman
Ed O’Brien – Secretary